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Hi !

I'm a games programmer with more than 7 years of experience in the video game industry, using Unity 3D, and Object-Oriented programming in C++ and C#.

I've graduated as a Information System Project Manager, a Master degree, and have formerly worked as Project Manager, Mathematics Teacher, Webmaster or Engineer.

I am open to opportunities, either in the UK or North America (no Visa, but not afraid of relocation!).

Christophe Largilliere

  • Game Programmer
  • Unity 3D


Games Programmer

Bossa Studios
Since March 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • UI/UX Programmer using Unity / C#
  • Client/Server (Inventory, Craft) using C# and Scala
Company website

Senior/Lead Mobile Games Programmer

Beeline Interactive (Capcom Mobile)
January 2013 to February 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • Senior Games Programmer :
    Game programming using C++, Unity 3D / C#
    Plugin integration and development in Unity
    (Facebook SDK, Fiksu, In-App purchase, analytics, etc.)
    Tools programming
    Software architecture
  • Team Lead :
    iTunes and Google Play submission process
    Team monitoring (good practices, profiling and optimization)
    Interaction with other teams (Producers, QA, Artists...)
Detailed Description
  • Senior Game Programmer on Snoopy's Candy Town
    - C++ / Lua / Cocos2D
    - gameplay programming
    - flexible sound system
    - tutorial
  • Lead UI/2D Programmer on Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter
    - Unity 3D / C#
    - Scalable 2D framework, using the new Unity UI: pixel-perfect layout on all devices (one scene fits all)
    - Gameplay and Deck/Card management
    - Plugin integration and development (In-app purchases, Analytics, Facebook...)
  • Senior then Lead Game Programmer on Snoopy's Sugar Drop
    - Unity 3D / C#
    - gameplay programming
    - plugin integration and development (Facebook, In-App purchase, Analytics, Versionning, etc.)
    - iTunes and Google Play submission
  • Senior then Lead Programmer on Snoopy's Street Fair
    - C++ / Cocos2D
    - new game content
    - gameplay programming
    - new in-app purchase system (in-game and Tools)
    - memory optimization and better maintainability via OOP
Company Description

Beeline Interactive Europe is a subsidiary of Capcom, specialized in mobile games, and was formerly known as Capcom Interactive.

Unity 3D Games Programmer

Indeego Games
December 2009 to December 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Development of games, serious games and software, using Unity 3D
  • C# and C++ objet-oriented programming
  • Fast game prototyping with Agile methods (Scrum)
  • Projet Management assistant : project planning, project steering meetings, customer needs
  • Web service providing (PHP/MySQL, webplayer Unity 3D)
  • Software architecture
Detailed Description
  • Research and development on projects :
    - 3D engine benchmark (Unity, XNA, Gamebryo)
    - Gameplay and tool programmation
    - Terrain generation tool integrated into Unity 3D
    - Real time fire propagation algorithm (including graph and quadtree data structures)
    - Pathfinding, AI, State Machine
    - 3D mathematics
    - Sky reconstruction (stars and celestal objects positions computation)
  • Touch screen and Microsoft Surface applications :
    - Expression Blend / C# programming
    - Unity3D integration
    - Web versions, streaming WWW
    - User experience
  • PC, iOS/iPhone/iPad and Android deployment
  • Multiplayer and Client/Server with Smartfox Server 2x
Company Description

Video games studio, offering a game co-creation plateform, and providing services under Unity 3D, Microsoft Surface and iPhone platforms.

Company website

Web Project Manager

June 2009 to October 2009
Responsibilities completed
  • Management of ticket dispensers deployment (Sports services of city of Arles,Olympique de Marseille football club ticketing)
  • Final user formation
  • Customer relationship, events content management in the website
Company Description

Digitick is a ticketing web plateform for concerts and events, leader of dematerialized ticket.

Company website


Nouvelle Vision
October 2008 to May 2009
Responsibilities completed
  • Owner assitant : New version of website (Specifications, Tests, Service provider relationship)
  • e-Marketing : Conception and sending of promotionnal offers
  • Content management
  • Customer relationship, Technical assistance

High school mathematics teacher, monitor

Education Nationale
August 2004 to August 2008
Responsibilities completed
  • Mathematics teacher : 2006 - 2008
  • Monitor : 2004 - 2006

Research and Development Engineer

CGBI group
January 2001 to June 2002
Responsibilities completed
  • Client/Serveur programming (C++ / Oracle)
  • Software maintenance (COBOL / AS400)
  • Progiciel migration and test (HR Access)