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I'm a games programmer with more than 7 years of experience in the video game industry, using Unity 3D, and Object-Oriented programming in C++ and C#.

I've graduated as a Information System Project Manager, a Master degree, and have formerly worked as Project Manager, Mathematics Teacher, Webmaster or Engineer.

I am open to opportunities, either in the UK or North America (no Visa, but not afraid of relocation!).

Christophe Largilliere

  • Game Programmer
  • Unity 3D



MedFire is a Serious Game about forrest fire sensibilisation, developped with Unity 3D using C# language.<br>
I first had to develop a real-time realistic fire propagation algorithm.<br>
Using scientific studies, I programmed this algorithm and the data structures used (ground cell adjacency graph, LOD quadtree).<br>
This programmation included real time constraint, while being realistic, but also LOD for strategy and IA.<br>
Once this propagation started, I programmed in parallel the artificial intelligence of NPC going with the player, based on the real strategies of firemen for fighting fires.<br>
The AI includes strategy notions with corresponding state machines, and pathfinding.<br>
At last, the game terrain is rebuild from IRL land, from pictures taken in helicopter, and from data given by a land segmentation tool which recognises vegetation types.<br>
I developped a Unity Editor tool to rebuild the terrain from those datas, by defining heightmap but also ground textures and vegetation billboards.

Creation date
01 janv. 2011